Facebook introduces a mobile Like button for third-party apps #Technology

Facebook today announced a new Like button for mobile app partners. The feature is currently in beta and will be rolling out over the next couple weeks. When the feature goes live, third-party developers will be able to drop Like buttons into their apps so that users can share content with their friends. Facebook previously supported the Like action with its Open Graph platform, but its new button taps directly into Facebook’s own liking system. Facebook Strategic Partnerships head Ime Archibong also announced at F8 new Send to Mobile and Message Dialog features for app developers. Check out our F8 2014…

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Facebook launches FB Start, a program providing up to $30,000 in free tools and services for app developers #Technology

At its F8 conference today, Facebook announced FB Start, a new program to help app developers. The program provides up to $30,000 in free tools and services “to get your app up and running fast.” The program wasn’t created by just Facebook. Partners include Parse (naturally), as well as Adobe, Appurify, Asan, BlueJeans, Salesforce Desk, MailChimp, Quip, Proto.io, Survey Monkey, userTesting, and Workable. More to follow.

Parse announces Local Datastore SDKs for using apps in offline mode #Technology

Parse co-founder and Facebook Platform chief Ilya Sukhar announced at F8 today a new set of SDKs, dubbed Local Datastore, designed to store data locally so apps can function while a user is offline. Sukhar also revealed more affordable pricing for Parse and new analytics dashboards for tracking growth and user retention. Head over to our F8 2014 tag for all of our coverage of the event.

Google unveils dedicated iOS apps for docs and spreadsheets with offline editing and autosave #Technology

Google today released a new set of productivity apps to help iPhone and iPad users manage their documents on the go. Google Docs and Sheets are separate standalone mobile apps that will allow users to edit, create, and view files both on and offline. Slides, an app dedicated to presentations, is coming soon, according to the company blog. The Google Docs app tout features like Recently Edited Files and Autosave so users can continue working where they left off. The Sheets app, as the name suggests, is dedicated to spreadsheets and allows users to edit columns, rows, and collaborate with others even if multiple…

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