Uber will start letting customers ride in its self-driving cars | Recode Daily: August 19, 2016

It also bought Otto, an autonomous truck startup, for $680 million.

.Uber’s route to the driverless future just got a little clearer. In the next few weeks, Uber will begin deploying a 100-car test fleet of autonomous Volvos in Pittsburgh (beating Google to the consumer market in the process). The cars will have a driver aboard ready to grab the wheel when needed (and that may be often, given the city’s many bridges and winding, hilly streets). Uber also announced the $680 million acquisition of autonomous truck startup Otto, more for the tech than the trucks.
[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode]

.Goodbye, Gawker.com. The site on which Gawker Media was founded will not live on under Univision, which will continue to run the company’s six other sites after acquiring them in a bankruptcy auction. Gawker founder Nick Denton won’t be going along on the ride either.
[Peter Kafka | Recode]

.Twitter may be purging itself of terrorism-related accounts by the tens of thousands, but protecting users from garden-variety abusers has proved tougher. Now, at least, the company is giving users a shield of sorts — a troll filter for notifications.
[Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.The headline feature of new calling plans announced by T-Mobile and Sprint is unlimited data. Then there’s the fine print: The T-Mobile One plans limit video to standard definition, and the Sprint plans limit speeds for video, music and gaming.
[Ina Fried | Recode]

.In the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode talk to Doug Evans, CEO of Juicero, maker of the $700, internet-connected juicer that raised a bunch of venture capital and a bunch of eyebrows.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

By Jason Del Rey
By Jason Del Rey
A nice change of pace after five subpar quarters of online growth.
By Eric Johnson
“What women told us is, we don’t tend to think the way Wall Street thinks.”
By Edmund Lee
It’s the only major media company that hasn’t made a big digital acquisition.

Videographer and hacker Steve Giralt, in true geek fashion, got to wondering what it would take to create one of those “burger drop” shots from restaurant commercials — the kind where the burger and all the fixings fall from above and stack up perfectly — without CGI or extensive post-production. So, in true geek fashion, he built a remarkable robotic contraption rigged with a 4K camera, and damned if he didn’t pull it off.

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