Three options for when Apple inevitably takes away the headphone jack on the new iPhone

Because you know they will.

Yes, it’s annoying that the headphone jack is going away. But, no, it’s not the end of the world.

Here are three options to consider after Apple does away with the standard 3.5mm jack on the new iPhone.

1. Headphones that plug directly into the lightning port.

There are a bunch of these now already on the market, such as this pair from Philips. Plugging into the lightning port means the headphones can draw power from the iPhone and the sound quality won’t suffer en route to your ears. The downside is that headphones you buy in this category will only work with an iPhone or iPad.

2. Bluetooth headphones

There are tons of these out there. The downside is that Bluetooth doesn’t deliver the highest-quality audio. On the plus side, there are no dongles to lose, and Bluetooth headphones will work with a wide range of devices, not just your new iPhone. This article from our colleagues at the Verge lists some of the better ones.

3. Use a dongle

Apple will likely include a dongle with the new iPhone to plug existing headphones into the lightning port. Motorola includes a similar kind of adapter on the two Moto Z models that it launched without headphone jacks.

This is probably the easiest option, plus you get to use the headphones you already have — until you lose the dongle and have to buy another one.

A final option is kind of a hybrid of those last two. Griffin recently introduced such a product, its $20 iTrip Clip. You plug your standard headphones into the iTrip Clip, which receives the audio signal wirelessly over Bluetooth.



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