Google says its app ad business is booming, with a billion installs in the last 4 months

Your move, Facebook

Facebook has made a lot of money selling app install ads in the last few years. Now Google is, too.

Google says developers have generated 3 billion installs for their apps using Google’s ads, up from 2 billion in May. That is: Google’s ads have generated 1 billion installs in four months.

That’s a significant increase in a short period, which is what Google wants us to say when it releases a momentum stat like this. But it’s true!

It’s also true that in May, Google increased the size of its potential market significantly: It started letting advertisers use its “universal app campaign”, which places app install ads, on Apple’s iOS devices.

So we may not see the same kind of spike in another four months.

In April, Facebook announced that it had the 2 billion app install mark.

The nice thing for both Facebook and Google is that even if the app boom is over, and people are less interested in downloading apps, that doesn’t slow down the market for app ads.

In fact you could argue that the glut of apps + app fatigue is good for their business, since developers need to work even harder to show off their apps, and convince people to use them.



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