Marc Andreessen, father of the tweetstorm, is taking a ‘break’ from Twitter

It’s not you, Jack, it’s him.

Sure, Marc Andreessen is a well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist and famous entrepreneur.

But to us, he’s the man who rules Twitter with a particular and, well, peculiar communication called the Tweetstorm. Essentially, it’s a rant on some hot-button topic in the form of a series of tweets that can go on and on and on in many parts.

Using the handle @pmarca, Andreessen loves to use his tweets to make points about everything from the economy to the tech bubble to the state of bitcoin to whatever pops into his brain in the wee hours of the night.

Andreessen has been on Twitter since the first day of 2014, and only really took a break when he got into trouble over some ill-considered tweets about India and colonialism earlier this year.

But late last night, he seems to have deleted all his tweets (or maybe archived them, as his firm Andreessen Horowitz sometimes does), and said he was taking a vacay from pontificating in 140-character bites.


I pinged Andreessen to find out why, and where his tweets went, and will add to this when he gets back to me, if he gets back to me. Until then, you can see some of his greatest hits here.



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