How to watch and stream tonight’s vice presidential debate

Kaine and Pence aren’t Trump and Clinton, but they’re on at 9 pm, and they’re easy to watch.

There’s only one vice presidential debate this year, and it’s tonight at 9 pm ET, when Tim Kaine and Mike Pence face off at Longwood University, in Farmville, Va.

Like last week’s presidential debate, this one will be televised widely and streamed for free on many digital outlets, including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Unlike last week’s event, it’s unlikely to set any viewing records — even in a normal year, VPs don’t generate the same kind of attention as the top of the ticket. And Kaine and Pence — by design — are no Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Here’s a quick guide to some digital options, listed by platform and by network:

YouTube: Free access to livestreams from networks including NBC News, PBS, Fox News, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and Telemundo. YouTube says it generated more than two million concurrent streams during the last week’s debate, up 4x from the viewership it saw in 2012.

Facebook: Free streams, via Facebook Live, from news organizations including ABC News, C-SPAN, Fox News, PBS, The New York Times, CNBC, Telemundo, Univision and BuzzFeed.

Twitter: Free streams of Bloomberg’s coverage will be available on Twitter’s apps, as well as Twitter’s site; users won’t need a Twitter password to watch.

CBS: Free streams via CBSN, the network’s digital outlet, available via, apps on devices including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

ABC: In addition to Facebook, free streams via ABC News apps.

NBC: In addition to YouTube, free streams via sites including and, as well as NBC News apps iOS, Android, Roku and other devices.

Reuters: Free streaming coverage via the Reuters TV website and iOS and Android apps.

By the way: Just because Kaine and Pence aren’t lightning rods doesn’t mean we won’t get an interesting moment or two out of the event. Remember when Lloyd Bentsen got to unload one of the all-time great one-liners on Dan Quayle, back in 1988? (If you don’t, there’s Wikipedia.)

And it already looks like Pence has been trying to spice up his middle-of-the-road demeanor in advance of tonight’s bout. Stick around for the tail end of this clip, where Pence requires bleeping:



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