Greylock has raised another $1 billion investment fund

Greylock will focus on what it knows best: Software.

Venture capital firm Greylock Partners — with a portfolio that includes Airbnb, LinkedIn, Instagram and Workday — has raised another $1 billion investment fund, the firm’s 15th fund to date.

Greylock will use the fund for early stage investments, primarily A and B rounds, according to Sarah Tavel, one of Greylock’s investment partners. The fund isn’t limited to any specific industry, but Tavel says Greylock will continue to invest domestically in what it knows best: Tech software.

“We are software investors,” Tavel said. “The DNA of our team is through the lens of software, so that will continue to be our focus and the kinds of opportunities we look at.”

Greylock is the latest in a string of VC firms that raised big funds this year despite concern in January that things might be slowing down in the world of tech investing. Andreessen Horowitz also raised $1.5 billion back in June, and Sherpa Capital raised half a billion the same month.

Greylock is one of the Valley’s oldest venture capital firms dating back in the 1960’s, and claims $3.5 billion under management. It also raised a $1 billion fund in the fall of 2013.



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