You can now be fined or prosecuted for bringing a Samsung Note 7 on a plane

Samsung’s fire-prone phones are officially banned.

Samsung’s recalled, fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 has been placed on the no-fly list.

For weeks, flight attendants around the world have warned passengers not to operate or charge their Note 7 devices aboard a flight.

Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation has issued an emergency order in conjunction with other government agencies “to ban all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices from air transportation in the United States.” It’s now considered a “forbidden hazardous material.”

Worth noting: “If passengers attempt to travel by air with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, the phones may be confiscated and passengers may face fines.”

You may also be denied boarding, or — if already in flight — may be forced to hold the device on your person, powered down, for the duration of the trip.

The DOT warns that those who “attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident.”

Anyone violating the ban “may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines.”

In short: Just get rid of that thing already.

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