Facebook will let you turn your face into a pumpkin for Halloween — but only if you use Facebook Live

Facebook is adding masks to Live for the first time

Facebook realllllly wants people to use Facebook Live. That’s why it’s running TV commercials for the product and still pays media companies, including Vox Media, which owns Recode, to create live video on the reg.


For Halloween, the company came up with another clever way to push its live video agenda: It’s offering fun Halloween-themed, face-distorting masks that can turn you into a pumpkin or skeleton — but only if you’re using Facebook Live.

The new filters are from Facebook’s acquisition of MSQRD back in March, and while you’ve been able to push a live broadcast to Facebook from the MSQRD app before, this is the first time Facebook has built masks directly into its live product.

Face-distorting masks seem like a smart way to lure folks to Facebook Live. They’ve become a killer part of Snapchat’s app over the past year. Plus they can lead to some nice ad revenue.

One other Halloween “treat” from Facebook: The company updated its reactions so they’re now Halloween themed. (Though the update doesn’t seem to be live for everyone just yet.)


via http://ift.tt/2fhF88o


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