Intel is buying Voke, which makes virtual reality cameras to capture live sports

It’s the latest in a series of moves the chipmaker has made into sports and VR.

Chipmaker Intel continues to see the intersection of sports and virtual reality as a place to invest, announcing Thursday it is buying VR camera maker Voke.

Intel isn’t saying how much it is paying for the 15-person, 12-year-old company based in Intel’s hometown of Santa Clara, Calif. Voke’s technology is used by broadcasters to capture the action in stereo so that it can be viewed from different angles while maintaining a sense of depth and proportion. Video captured by Voke cameras can also be viewed on devices ranging from VR headsets to phones, tablets and PCs.

The move follows its purchase of Replay Technology, whose FreeD technology allows for immersive 360-degree video replays on traditional television. (Here’s how that technology looks when paired with Stephen Curry’s three-point shooting.)



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