Jeff Bezos extended an olive branch to Amazon foe Donald Trump, but Amazon stock is tanking

Related question: Is Jeff Bezos a “Simpsons” fan?

Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump sparred repeatedly during the presidential election, and that could be a problem for Amazon and the Washington Post once Trump takes office.

Now Bezos, like many other business leaders, is offering Trump a post-election thumbs up, with a reserved but positive statement:


Two things to note.

For whatever reason, Amazon’s stock is tanking this morning. It’s down more than 5 percent today, and its slide accelerated after Bezos’s tweet:

The construction of Bezos’s congratulations note immediately struck some of us as familiar. That’s because it’s the same construction as one of the internet’s most overused memes, courtesy of “The Simpsons”:

It’s possible that Bezos and his team aren’t familiar with that one. Bezos spends a lot of time on things that don’t involve pop culture — he doesn’t do sports at all — and it’s possible he’s never come across this one before. But if I were betting, I would bet that he knew what he was doing.



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