No satire: Stars of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ say they got ‘cucked’ in LA bar

Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani walked into an L.A. bar and the rest is not so funny

Yesterday, the very funny Kumail Nanjani and Thomas Middleditch, stars of “Silicon Valley,” had their own real-life moment that could have easily been one of the more outlandish plots out of the hit HBO show.

Except not.

Here’s the account, better told by them:







For those who don’t know, “cuck” is an insulting term used by the alt-right, derived from “cuckold,” which is basically a word to describe a man whose wife cheats on him. Cuck means a sell-out or a man who alters his manly views for a woman’s approval. It’s incomprehensibly stupid, but that has not stopped people from using it and thinking it’s super clever. It’s not.

Or as Middleditch put it:




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