Firefox created a private iPhone browser for quick searches you’d rather your spouse not see

Focus is a free app that blocks ads and cookies and doesn’t store where you’ve been.

Browser maker Firefox is adding a second browser option for iPhone users to use when they just want to do a quick, private search.

Firefox Focus, as the app is called, has built-in add and cookie blocking and discards the browsing history after each session. As for the features, it’s basically just an address bar.

“We were pretty ruthless in terms of stripping it down,” Firefox VP Nick Nguyen told Recode.

Because it isn’t a VPN that protects things on the network level, this isn’t an app to protect your ISP or employer or the government from spying on you. Rather, it keeps your local browsing history nice and clean for a significant other or someone else that might pick up the phone.

So, it’s going to be used for porn?

“That’s the obviously the question people ask,” Nguyen said. “I don’t know what the percentage will be. It’s not zero.”



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