‘SNL’ spoofs the very real San Francisco and New York City culture bubbles

“We’ll be fine — right here in the bubble.”

Well played, “Saturday Night Live.” Very. Well. Played.

The cast of “SNL” produced a skit called “The Bubble” this weekend that spoofed the San Francisco and New York culture bubbles, which are very real. The skit depicts a city, literally covered in a bubble, for “like-minded free-thinkers” in disbelief over Donald Trump’s recent election victory.

“If you’re an open-minded person, come here and close yourself in,” says SNL’s pitchman. “In here, it’s like the election never happened.”

The Bubble comes equipped with hybrid cars, used-book stores, and multi-million-dollar single-bedroom apartments. So you know the “SNL” writers did their research.

“It’s their America now. We’ll be fine, right here in The Bubble.”

Sounds like a great place to live!

via http://ift.tt/2g7f0Zg


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