A credit card hack at MSG gives Knicks fans another reason to despise owner Jim Dolan

First he let Jeremy Lin go. Now this.

As if rooting for the Knicks under Jim Dolan hasn’t been a painful enough experience. Now, the Madison Square Garden Company, of which Dolan is executive chairman, has announced a massive breach of its payment processing systems.

The breach affects visitors who used debit or credit cards to pay for food or merchandise at five MSG-owned venues between November 9, 2015 and October 24, 2016. The venues are Madison Square Garden, The Theater at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre and the Chicago Theatre.

The company said the hackers gained access to credit card numbers, cardholder names, expiration dates and security codes — basically, everything needed to create a replica card.

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Traditional magnetic-stripe payment cards are more susceptible to cloning than newer “chip cards” that have been rolling out in the U.S. over the past year. It’s not clear if these MSG venues had been allowing customers with chip cards to dip them in payment terminals rather than swipe them.

A spokeswoman declined to provide that information and to elaborate on a part of the company’s statement that said “Not all cards used during this timeframe were affected.”

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