Disney will stream new ‘Star Wars’ content live on Twitter later this week

Star Wars!

Disney will reveal some new “never before seen content” for its upcoming movie, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” exclusively on Twitter later this week.

The two companies announced the promotional move Tuesday and plan to show off the footage, whatever it may be, as part of a live show set to stream Friday that includes a Q&A with the cast from a “surprise” location.

This is a small addition to Twitter’s overall streaming strategy, which includes everything from NFL games to Bloomberg TV.

But this deal in particular is good for Twitter simply because people love Star Wars. The content will probably be “exclusive” to Twitter for all of about two seconds before ending up other places online, but any Star Wars content is good content to have, especially with two weeks to go until the movie comes out.

The stream is set for 10 am PT on Friday and, like the rest of Twitter’s livestreams, you won’t need a Twitter account to watch.

via http://ift.tt/2gEuBjl


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