Everything has changed. Time to talk about it, at an Evening with Code Media.

Join us, and Turner’s John Martin, BuzzFeed’s Janine Gibson, and Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei.

Now that Trump has won, what does the future of CNN look like?

How do you do investigative journalism in a post-truth world?

And what’s it like to build a digital media startup from scratch in a Facebook economy?

Good questions, right?

And I certainly don’t have the answers. But I’m excited to talk to some people who might, on Wednesday night. That’s when Kara Swisher and I will host our next Evening with Code Media event in New York City.

When we programmed this one a few months ago, we figured we had a pretty cool lineup of speakers, who’d have a lot to say about the state of media and the way technology is constantly reshaping its future.

And that was before November 8. Now we really want to hear from these folks:

Turner CEO John Martin oversees CNN, TNT and Time Warner’s other cable properties, which meant he already had a full plate before things got more complicated this fall: First by AT&T’s proposed deal to buy Time Warner, and now by a future president of the United States, who spends his evenings composing critical tweets about CNN.

BuzzFeed U.K. Editor in Chief Janine Gibson was the Guardian editor who wrangled the paper’s award-winning Edward Snowden coverage — work that put her in line to become one of the New York Times’ top editors. Now she runs BuzzFeed’s U.K. outpost, balancing the site’s blend of click-friendly content and serious reporting.

Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei left the Washington Post to build one of the most important new media companies, which changed the way political journalism worked. Now he’s left Politico to create another startup, and he’s been cagey about what his plans are. Which is why we want to ask him about it.

If you’ve been to one of our events before, you know what to expect on Wednesday night: Great conversations onstage, great conversations offstage — plus good food and beverages. And if you haven’t joined us before, now’s your chance.

We have a couple seats left. You can join us by signing up here. See you soon.

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