James Bond’s gadget maker just got $58 million to resurrect smart glasses

Ralph Osterhout has spent years making augmented-reality tech for military and business customers.

Last year, we told you about augmented reality pioneer Ralph Osterhout, who got his start several decades ago making props for James Bond films. Now he has landed $58 million in fresh funding as his company looks to bring its glasses to consumers.

His firm, Osterhout Design Group, has been making augmented reality products since before the term was widely known, mostly for military and business customers. Osterhout says the time is right for consumers to benefit from the technology.

The company plans to show its first consumer effort at CES in January.

“For eight years, we’ve taken a very systematic approach to designing and refining our smart glasses for specific applications from the U.S. government, industry and enterprise customers in a wide variety of markets, and that will not change,” Osterhout said in a statement. “This funding round, our first ever, ensures we are well positioned to introduce our latest designs at CES ’17, which will likely form the largest category of smart glasses worldwide.”

Here is a timeline of ODG’s past efforts for military and business customers:


Investors include the company’s main outside backer and strategic partner, 21st Century Fox, alongside Shenzhen O-film Tech, Vanfund Urban Investment & Development and several individuals.

via http://ift.tt/2gbsrry


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