If Apple invests in the $100 billion SoftBank fund Trump loves, it could ease the pressure to make iPhones here

Trump has praised the SoftBank fund, which is pouring $50 billion into U.S. tech companies.

Apple is said to be considering a stake in a $100 billion SoftBank fund that plans to invest heavily in U.S. tech companies and has won plaudits from incoming President Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Apple has had talks with SoftBank about investing in the fund, which it said would be the world’s largest tech fund. Apple and SoftBank representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Aside from the fact that Apple always needs somewhere to park its billions, the move could help it win some favor with Trump, who has praised the fund for its commitment to making $50 billion in U.S. investments.

And parking its cash with SoftBank is comparatively easy compared to what Trump has said he’d really like to see Apple do: Make more iPhones and other products in the U.S.

Apple currently does its design work in the U.S. but makes nearly all its products overseas, primarily in China. The company got lots of attention back in 2013 when it started making its Mac Pro in the U.S., but that effort has not expanded and the high-end desktop hasn’t been significantly upgraded in several years.

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