Apple is promoting the heck out of its Super Mario Run exclusive, which launches tomorrow

Don’t forget, Apple gets $3 for every copy that Nintendo sells.

Screenshot by Recode
Even before Wednesday’s launch, Apple has been promoting Super Mario Run with banners on its App Store.

Bringing Nintendo’s Mario to the iPhone may seem like a slam dunk, but Apple isn’t leaving the success of Super Mario Run to chance.

Apple featured the game prominently at its September media event, bringing out Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto to demo the program.

In recent weeks, the company has devoted some of its most prime real estate — the top banner of the App Store — to promoting the game ahead of its actual arrival on Wednesday.

This weekend it added a 40-minute interview with Miyamoto as a video and audio podcast on iTunes.

Apple has good reason to want Nintendo to succeed. First off, the game sells for $10 a pop and three of those dollars go to Apple.

More importantly, the holidays are a big season for selling iPhones and it helps to have a genuine hit — all the more so if it is a title that only runs on iOS devices.

In case you have somehow missed all of Apple’s marketing efforts, here is where the game can be found.



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