Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick are joining Donald Trump’s strategic and policy forum

Trump’s team announced the addition of the two Silicon Valley CEOs to the 16-member forum on Wednesday morning.

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed two more executives to his now 18-member business advisory council. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be joining what’s known as Trump’s Strategic and Policy forum.

“I look forward to engaging with our incoming President and this group on issues that affect our riders, drivers and the 450+ cities where we operate,” Kalanick said in a statement.

Kalanick was also invited to Wednesday’s tech summit but has been traveling in India since Monday. Musk, after initially deciding against attending, will be attending the meeting of tech minds.

Musk has been openly critical of Trump, who recently nominated Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to be the secretary of state — a move that can be seen as detrimental to the progress of electric vehicle technology that Musk is so passionate about.

For both Kalanick and Musk, there’s a lot at stake. While sources believe Trump’s administration will be relatively hands off, there is the risk that it won’t continue or will altogether scrap the progress Barack Obama’s administration has made with self-driving regulations.

“My administration is going to work together with the private sector to improve the business climate and make it attractive for firms to create new jobs across the United States from Silicon Valley to the heartland,” Trump said in a statement.

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