Instagram is still growing quickly and now has 600 million users

That’s 100 million new users in just six months.

Instagram’s user base is growing faster than it has in the past couple years.

The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing app now has 600 million monthly active users, a 100 million user jump in the last six months. It had been adding around 100 million users every nine months over the past couple years, so growth is actually picking up.

That’s probably because Instagram’s product pace is picking up, too. In the back half of 2016, Instagram launched Stories, live video broadcasting, a save button and a shopping test, among other things.

Here’s the updated scorecard for where Instagram’s user base falls among all of Facebook’s other products.

  • Instagram: 600 million MAUs (300 million DAUs)
  • Facebook: 1.79 billion MAUs (1.18 billion DAUs)
  • WhatsApp: 1 billion MAUs
  • Messenger: 1 billion MAUs



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