LG’s fancy 5K monitor for Apple has been delayed by a bit

The 27-inch display is a replacement for the models Apple used to sell under its own name.

Apple made a big shift in October when it announced the latest high-end monitor for the Mac wouldn’t carry its name at all.

Instead, Apple partnered with LG on two Mac-specific displays. However, the plan has hit a little snag as the fancier of the two, — a 27-inch 5K display — has suffered a small delay.

Apple announced the LG monitors as part of its October MacBook Pro event, pitching the display as an ideal companion to the new laptop. Originally set to ship early this month, the model is still unavailable from Apple’s website.

“There’s been a slight delay,” an LG representative told Recode, insisting there was no major issue. “The production folks just need a couple more days.”

The monitor should be shipping in some regions this month, the representative said, without offering specifics. An added challenge is that Apple has been offering a promotional price of $974 but it isn’t clear how long that will last — and it’s not currently possible to even order the display.

A smaller, 21.5-inch 4K display is available for ordering from Apple’s website, but it shows a ship time of five to six weeks.

via http://ift.tt/2ibv9hs


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