Genetic testing startup Color Genomics is switching CEOs

CEO Elad Gil is moving to Chairman, and co-founder Othman Laraki is now CEO

Genetic testing startup Color Genomics is mixing it up at the top.

Co-founders Elad Gil and Othman Laraki are taking on new roles. Gil, who was CEO, is moving into the Chairman’s role, and Laraki, who was President, is now CEO, according to a blog post shared Thursday.

Elad Gil
Elad Gil

The decision was about streamlining things internally at Color: Both co-founders were dividing up responsibilities in a way that made it difficult for those inside and outside the company to determine who controlled what. “It also slowed us down,” Gil wrote.

“We felt that the company needed a single decision-maker and owner of the day-to-day operations,” he added. “This [change] means Othman could make decisions unencumbered, and I could focus on four areas we both felt were key to the future of Color.”

Gil and Laraki co-founded Color in 2013 after leaving Twitter, which had acquired their previous startup, Mixer Labs. (The duo also worked together at Google.) Color offers a range of genetic test kits so patients can check if they are at risk for specific kinds of cancer.

The company raised $45 million in venture capital funding back in September.



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